Hey Guys and Gals.... Long Time No See...

Hello EVOLVE Gaming and Future Members,

We here at EVOLVE are actively recruiting and seek new men and woman 18+ to join the server with an active mindset to help us in our cause in making this server as big as possible through gaming. We want each and everyone of you to come and JOIN!!! Our Mission is to give Veterans and First Responders a Safe Haven to get away from everyday life and the Line of Duty. Through Our Experiences of being in different communities has put a burden and a heavy drive to want to help OUR VETS and FRs. We are here for anything and everything that means to Game, be a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear for no matter what and who needs it. We are an active community that loves to see people come together and talk in the server and game with one another.

There are leadership opportunities in the server from SGT to MAJ to Commander. So many potential ways and avenues in help the cause and mission we are striving toward. Little day to day tasks and goals to meet as well as weekly tasks and goals to meet in Leadership. We plan on starting up Events and Tournaments within the Community and hopefully even Cross-Community events with other Communities in the Future. And that takes creative minds and we are looking for those people as well to start that up. With that comes great responsibility and drive so we don't become stale in our events and tournaments. We don't care where you come from or what you do we want VETERANS, FIRST RESPONDERS and active mind people to come in and learn and grow together in this Community and Become a BIG HAPPY FAMILY!!!!! So if you are looking for responsible active GAMERS who love to play games and have fun and GAMERS who are all about Gaming then this is the Community you have been looking for!!!!!! So hit the DISCORD Logo at the bottom of the page and tell us you are ready to start this JOURNEY WITH US!!!!


***MISSION 22***




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